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Here at Integrated Technology you'll find a team happy to help, and make your ideas into a reality. Projects that we have worked on include:

Design a very small sound playback module to be incorporated into the sleeve of a ready meal.

A short 30 sec burst of Marvin Gay would play when the unsuspecting purchaser lifts the flap on the product to view the cooking instructions. This was needed for a Valentine's Day promotion.


About 1000 of these were required for a valentines day promotion, and would be distributed in around the country. We received the order for this mid- January, and delivered during the first week of February.

We happily designed and produced the modules, then received a surprise delivery of a pallet of 1000 flat sheets of card. We used our newly discovered origami skills - folding and gluing the outer sleeves and incorporating the sound module into each one. Each module was then double tested before being dispatched.


A bespoke furniture designer asked us to build a sound module that could be installed in a bed specifically designed and crafted into the shape of a boy's favourite racing car. The module needed to have additional key control enabling his parents to disable the sounds if lights-out time was ignored. The bed also included button controls for horns & other car sound effects. Upon receipt, the boy thought all his dreams had come true.

Why not ask Integrated Technology to help you bring dreams alive!


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