UL Certified Looms

What Does UL Certification Mean To You?

UL is world recognized as a leader in product safety testing and certification. By using the manufacturing services of Integrated Technology you can be assured that your UL wiring looms will be built with UL approved products to the high standard you and your customers deserve. We are UL certified for the Americas and Canada. (UL File No: E471558).

Why is UL Certification so important?

A local UL field representative visits the manufacturer at least four times per year to verify that the Listing Mark is only applied to products that are being built in accordance with the UL requirements.

UL's wiring harness traceability programme allows end-product manufacturers to accept wiring harnesses manufactured off site (or by a third party) with confidence while mitigating the risks associated with the introduction of non-compliant cable into their products.

Looking for UL marks and labels when purchasing products ensure a reliable and honestly manufactured product. Not many things are more important than product safety. Integrated Technology are proud to have and retain the UL certification for wiring looms built to UL standards.


UL inherently requires and tests for safety

Through comprehensive procedures and guidelines

UL requires that their standards are met before certification is granted


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