Bespoke Wiring Looms

Integrated Technology is a UK loom manufacturer; our extensive experience allows us to fully meet our customer's requirements for bespoke wiring looms.

We can supply both UL and non-UL approved looms.

A complete service from design input, sourcing of the materials, prototyping, product trials and production, Integrated Technology work hard to reduce the headaches that new looms can cause you. Our production facilities are suitable for the assembly of small to medium volumes.

UL Approved Looms have full traceability of their component parts. These are individually labelled with the UL mark.

World-class electrical cabling solutions

in a wide variety of wiring looms styles and sizes.

Varying from short, single earth cables to complex multiple-legged looms for large machines.

Integrated Technology's Looms can be found in: Children's Rides, Medical, Retail, Media, Entertainment, Cleaning Equipment and Extraction Equipment to name a few applications. In addition to undertaking of new products, we can also perform loom duplication or repair of an existing loom.


Our ability to duplicate and repair existing looms demonstrates the talent of our Engineers as they are able to understand and recreate systems originally produced by other providers.


Our in house harness tester can be configured to check the continuity of your loom, and identifies both open and short circuits, no matter how complex the loom.


Each loom is also inspected against your golden sample to ensure your compliance to your specification.

Crimp Joint Testing

Crimp joint testing is carried out on a daily basis by experienced team members to ensure the quality of our work in line with UL requirements.


We are accredited with ISO9001:2015


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